More About Our Logo

Students from both BTTE tribal communities came
together to create a new logo for our BTTE Project.

AP Art students Shawn Alderson, Cheyenne Ford,
Tori Smith, and Lance Flamand from the Wellpinit
School District and Jake Brown from Coeur d'Alene
blended elements of water, nature, feathers, animals,
and tribal symbols to create the images in the slideshow below, which were sent to a graphic artist to meld the images into one shared image.

The Finished BTTE Logo

The students who worked on the logo have been recognized in a numbers of ways:

· Each artist received a formal letter of appreciation for

the student’s creative contribution signed by Anne Kern

(PI) and Kathy Haynie (Evaluator).

· This new logo will be seen nationally by STEM educators.

Each student received a monetary award for their work.

· Spokane student artists were featured in the local

newspaper, Rawhide, with a small commentary

· WSD Art Teacher Donna Julich, suggests these budding

artists meet the BTTE team and share in a tour of the MAC Archives.


The compiled and final "Back To The Earth" logo image was unveiled to the contributing student artists/researchers and community members on May 23, 2013 at the Northwest Museum of Art and Culture (MAC) in Spokane, Washington.  Take a look at the big moment in the video below


BTTE Logo Unveiling